Cevizbağı was founded on the principles of natural agriculture to offer consumers fresh and safe products.

The founder, Özcan Kulaksız, belongs to a large family with deep ancestral roots in this region. Part of his family still lives in the neighboring village, Yelek. Upon completing his high school education in Ankara, Özcan recieved a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt, Germany. After retiring from the state-run banknote printing plant in Ankara in 2012, Özcan has been able to dedicate more of his time to his life's passion, organic agriculture.


Özcan's son, Emrah, an industrial engineer, takes care of the farm's finances.


Özcan is also supported by a family who lives permanently on the farm.


Seasonal workers are hired as needed.


About the Farm


Our farm was established in 1994 in Yelek, a small village in the central district of Anatolian Kaman. We are conveiently located 2 hours south of Ankara and we are easily accesed by bus (metro bus link).

Our farm is on a total of 105 decars of land. The Kaman province is famous throughout Turkey for its walnuts


We produce a variety of walnuts, but primarely we focus on Kaman style walnuts. In addition to walnuts, we produce honey, almonds and fresh fruits and vegetables.


Altogether there are 600 walnut trees, 200 almond trees, 3000 grape vines, 100 apple trees, as well as cherry, apricot, plum, pear and quince trees.


Our farm offers you the opportunity to participate actively in the natural Anatolian agriculutral lifestyle, and of course to eat as much fruit and vegetables as your heart desires.


Our products are also available for purchase on our website


We are a member of TaTuTa and we are happy to accept volunteers and guests to our farm through TaTuTa or by privately contacting the host. For this purpose, we are able to accomadate up to 20 guests at a time. Our guest house has 5 private bedrooms and 5 private bathrooms. It offers all necessary amenities (running water, electricity and a small kitchenette). Our water is sourced from natural springs on the farm and is heated using solar pannels. Internet and telephone are available as well.


A few minutes' walk from the main building, you can relax in a small arbor with a magnificent view of Hirfanli lake. Here we have a small pond with fish and frogs making it the perfect spot for a picnic.


We also have a museum which houses the host's collection of Anatolian agricultural tools.


The host is happy to invite his guests to relax in a traditional Anatolian guest room for coffee, conversation and Turkish music.


Our Vision


We hope to continue to organically produce the Kaman style walnuts.


We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve and expand our farm to better meet the needs of our consumers and the locals of the area.


We hope to be stewards for our environment and to be able to teach our practices to other farmers.


Through agricultural tourism, we hope to provide economic support to the inhabitants of Yelek